Sunday, July 8, 2012

Islamofascism vs. The Rule of Law

Military despotism carried on under the banner of divine right has been a subject of featured news on this site before. Today, the subject isn't respect for borders, free speech, foreign aggression, health services, or educational policy, but an emotionally-charged favorite of millions: family law. In today's episode, two Taliban commanders having some not-as-yet-fully-detailed relationship with a woman decided to solve their family law dispute by throwing together a mock court, sentencing to death the woman who had apparently embarrassed the both of them, and within an hour shooting her nine times (to death) with a .30 caliber rifle to the cheers of onlooking men. By the time the amateur video of the event had attracted investigation, a third Taliban commander had since organized the summary execution of both ringleaders.

Not that some U.S. prosecutors don't exercise the power to drive children and their families through crazy and expensive procedures in the name of lunatic "moral" causes, but at least in the U.S. the subjects of such abuse survive to tell their story to an understanding and supportive public. The United States may not be entirely free of government atrocities, but it's got a rather higher percentage of survivors. And since we largely have free speech, we have the power at the very least to make public idiots of those carrying out lunatic policies with the authority of their public office.

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