Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lennox: A Triumph of Power Over Reason

Lennox the dog, "a historically unaggressive bolldog-Labarador mix", was killed by the Belfast City Council despite that the dog had never bitten anyone, the dog had been well-behaved since being impounded two years ago, and the Council had received offers from solvent foreigners to remove the dog from the Council's jurisdiction to a country where the dog could live lawfully. Lennox, whose only apparent crime was its breeding, was according to CNN "described by the Belfast City Council as a 'dangerous, illegal pit-bull terrier type' [and] put to death."

After trial, the dog claimed to be innocent on the first paragraph of his blog. While the dog's death sentence was on appeal, an international support following formed, complete with support videos. From the United States, genuine foreign-jurisdiction adoption offers were made available as an alternative to local execution.

Apparently the glee of some authorities when defying international protests of aggrieved onlookers is just too great to allow something as trivial as reason to govern whether to gas someone's family pet.

Government like that probably helps domestic sales of Irish whiskey.

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