Thursday, July 12, 2012

Scottish Girl's Cafereria Blog Feeds Kids – But Not In Scotland

Martha was banned from taking pictures of her school's cafeteria food after their appearance on her blog – Never Seconds – embarrassed local officials, who claimed the pictures caused catering employees "to fear their jobs." If I served dreck like that to kids, I'd fear to work, too. Or did he mean they feared for their jobs?

Martha's blog has raised funds for a charity that feeds school kids abroad, but who'll look after the local kids? Not the politicians who tried to bar her from talking about her lunch.

At any rate, now that officials' censorship of a human (killing dogs in kangaroo court is okay) has been exposed and the rights of children to speak the truth has proven a bigger topic than lunch quality, Martha's blog ban has been lifted (link has photo of a lunch).

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