Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Single-Ticker Portfolio Diversification

Earlier this year, I wrote an article at Seeking Alpha on Berkshire Hathaway as a busy man's substitute for portfolio diversification. I had previously written about Berkshire Hathaway as a superior alternative to Apollo Investment, which has since tanked:

In the spirit of the one-stock portfolio diversification article on Berkshire, I just published a one-stock portfolio diversification article on American Capital Ltd.

And in departure from investment into speculation, I wrote an article on Odyssey Marine (previously discussed on the blog, and further previously at Seeking Alpha). Seeking Alpha made the new Odyssey Marine article an "Editor's Pick", making it my fifth Ed's Pick in 44 articles. In it I explain that further dilution is in the works, and that its current wreck prospect will not give the company more cash per share than its current trading price. As an alternative for those insistent on a company using similar technology to work at the bottom of the sea, I advocate Oceaneering International as a substitute.

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