Monday, June 18, 2012

Taliban Bars Vaccines Over Drone Strikes

According to a new press release, Taliban leaders in Afghanistan demand that American drone strikes halt or polio vaccines will be denied to civilians subject to their control. This curious threat – linking disease eradication in the Taliban's own backyard to American military behavior – continues a common theme of Islamofascists* that recently included the poisoning of 160 schoolgirls because they committed the offense of being girls seeking education. The basic premise of the Islamofascist movement is understood fairly clearly once it is evident that the health and education of the population are less valuable to the movement's proponents than the solidification of their military despotism.

The principal difference between Afghanistan and Iran in this is that Iran spent a few years unable to make spare parts for US-made military equipment, and learned the value of engineers (and thus schools) to the movement.

* Islamofascism may not be a word, but is intended to describe a brand of fascism conducted in advancement of a strain of purported Islamism that includes doctrinaire claims of a religious right to operate a despotic police state that oppresses contrary elements by declaring them religiously forbidden and thus subject to reprisal on religious grounds without need of courts, due process, or even evidence. Iran has offered an example of Islamofascism for several decades, and now supports genocide in Syria to prevent the threat of successful Islamic democracy.


Anonymous said...

This is the best definition of Islamofascicsm I have encountered. I enjoy your insightful analysis
Michael Dance

angry listmaker said...

sounds like the the Taliban is learning American style two party politics! Only in politics would the well being of a population be held hostage to an unrelated issue. This reminds me of the debt ceiling "crisis" last year.

Jaded Consumer said...

I'd like to think that dysfunctional democracies are less dramatically hostile to their populations than despotic regimes like the Taliban's, Syria's, or Iran's. Of course, Socrates was sentenced to death by the democratic vote of Athens that his rhetoric tended to corrupt the youth, so there's a long tradition in democracy of doing stupid things based on faulty reasoning or on incomplete or false information. You can get awful results from any process by controlling its input: GI/GO.