Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mercedes Dome: Same Electrical Problems as the Car

When I saw the "Mercedes Benz Superdome" go dark during the Superbowl, my first thought was: how fitting. Mercedes' products have demonstrated awful electrical reliability of late, which is why L forbade me ever to buy another.

This never happens at the Toyota Center.


Anonymous said...

ACAS owns the manager of the stadium ;)

Jaded Consumer said...

Nice :-)

Somehow, I don't see the problem being traced back to someone forgetting to pay the electric bill, but issues involved in the design of the physical plant. In other words, someone involved in delivering a design promised a certain capacity had been delivered during the build, and it wasn't there.

According to CNN's article, nobody was to blame. And if you're a 49ers fan, the blackout gave them a shot at getting back their momentum. Heck, making the game closer was good for everybody looking to make money on the spectacle. Hmm. Maybe ACAS should angle for credit, despite the facts :-)