Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gruber: Apple Hater Hammers See Only Apple-Bad Nails

John Gruber (of "Daring Fireball" fame) writes of a recent Apple's Reign Is Over article that When All You Have Is an ‘Apple Is Doomed Without Steve Jobs’ Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail. Although the focus of the article is on product comparisons between Apple and a supposed new King (which hasn't actually netted money in hardware yet), the Apple Isn't Over thrust of the article is reminiscent of the Jaded Consumer's piece last year On The 'Decline' of Apple, which responded to (and laughed at) a piece by the CEO of Forrester Research called Apple=Sony.

Apple = Sony is about as real as Google > Apple, which Gruber laughs at in his new article by focusing on hardware offerings and their relevancy in the consumer market. While a rebuttal isn't possible for every silly opinion piece on Apple, Gruber's comparison is perspective-building. Expect more of the same anti-Apple drivel from other click-baiters fishing for Apple haters – just don't expect long-term bets on such theses to pan out well.

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