Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Getting Service from AT&T

I'm moving.

I tried calling AT&T about getting broadband set up and moving my phone service so I could keep my number, but all I could get was a repository of recordings.

I tried signing up online, but they want me to read numbers off records that have already moved.
But I'm at the old place where the internet service is connected. I have no idea what numbers are on those forms.

I tried bypassing this by opting for the "type in the end of your tax ID number" form but it gave me an error message.

I tried googling for sales info at AT&T and I found Connect To AT&T, which when called has a recorded voice that says it's "Connect to aye-tee-tee" without the "and", and the operators talk about what "they" offer and not what "we" offer, and their connect options all seem to involve setup fees, which strongly suggests that this firm's whole business consists in charging people $30 apiece to connect them to services offered by companies whose customer service sucks.

As I thought about this, I realized it might not be a scam at all -- AT&T's customer service does suck, and I can't get a human or operate its crazy web tool for scheduling service moves even when I type in all the right data, due to error messages suggesting I try back later.

And nobody at AT&T will take my call. If I want AT&T service, I apparently need to hire somebody who advertises on Google using keywords related to AT&T sales.

I need to report the not-really-AT&T firm's quoted prices to L and see if it's a "go".

Crazy, eh?

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