Friday, July 11, 2008

Brian's Study Breaks

I was trolling for information on Iran and hit a gold mine: Brian's Study Breaks. It's clear that part of the world is of keen interest to him, and he keeps atop its events much more carefully than I. I don't have any reason to expect I'll necessarily see things the way Brian does, but it's my hope he'll call me out if I say something particularly imbecilic about the region, its religions, or its politics.

I'll be visiting it to keep up with Iran, not the least by trolling through his back-posts and their excellent links (failure to turn the other cheek in the Church of the Nativity? The U.S. Army's Short Guide to Iraq, circa 1943?), and I encourage you to do the same.

I realize now how I found Brian's blog: I was hunting on Google for an earlier post of my own on Iran, and found Brian's post in which he described himself as a "jaded consumer of fiction" -- and ended up atop my search list. Intrigued by anyone proposing such a description, I noticed reviews of Firefly and Babylon 5 and was impressed that he really did care about fiction. Troll his blog for entertainment ideas, too!

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