Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Service: iCloud > MobileMe? Maybe not ...

Apple's "system status" page reflects protracted iCloud mail outages. This is reminiscent of MobileMe, which was the paid-for successor to dot-Mac. MobileMe's poor reliability became a joke. Apple gave out upgrade coupons in apology to aggrieved users, but kept screwing up with MobileMe. Steve Jobs directed an engineer to give real updates to users and to apologize for the muckup, which included permanently-lost emails. Apple ended up giving successive service extensions to paid users. As a parting shot, MobileMe managed to screw up a perfectly-good morning one day when I tried subscribing to MobileMe to take advantage of cross-device synching.

Note to Apple: Eddie Cue is great, but you need an enterprise service team to (a) make this crap reliable, and (b) put Apple in a position to compete for enterprise business. Consider: how useful is Apple's maps when Apple's back-end has reliability issues? You want to sell mobile devices to even the discriminating customers, right?

Smarten up, guys.

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