Friday, June 11, 2010

HP Service: An Oxymoron

When HP emailed me to survey me about my recent email support contact, I wrote this in the little box in the web form:

Email "support" demanded I re-do everything I explained I'd done in my original support contact message, including all the testing tips on the tech support site, which the idiot just cut and pasted into his email without apparently reading anything I wrote. Then, he was unable to resolve problem; when he realized this, the promised call to arrange item replacement never came. HP products suck, HP doesn't stand behind its products, and HP lies about how it will try to make things right.

I think this about sums it up. I have a 1990s-era HP LaserJet 6P that works like a champ. Somewhere along the way, HP forgot how to make a quality product.

UPDATE: On, June 28, 2010, HP called about the replacement I was promised. (Although the call traced back to a Buford, GA address, the speaker sounded very convincingly like a worker at a foreign call center.) For a fee, HP promised to expedite the replacement, but in HP's defense they aren't charging me to send the HP in (prepaid FedEx label) and doesn't require receipt of the broken unit prior to sending a replacement. (Of course, they wanted my credit card number to hold hostage against my promise to send the broken unit.) Let's see if the new unit works when it arrives ....

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