Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And You Thought Your Potholes Were Bad

As you get further South, the cockroaches get worse, and apparently the potholes too. This specimen, developing in the wake of the tropical storm Agatha, was photographed in Guatemala:

115 died in Central America when the storm hit, and it'll be a long while repairing what isn't forever lost.


Anonymous said...

isnt this the hole BP using to access the leak? ;)

Jaded Consumer said...

I'm afraid this hole is no more useful than the leak you describe.

Well, I suppose the great hole of Guatemala lends itself better to being photographed. The leak is hard to reach and suffers from poor lighting conditions. So the hole is superior in utility as a photography subject. Other than that, it's just a terrible place to risk life and property.

How would you like to insure something like property at the edge of that chasm? Good grief.