Saturday, August 30, 2008

Purple Fringe Boots Now Available

I have discovered that my daughter is a girly-girl. Neither L nor myself have any idea how this happened. M must wear a dress every day and is not consoled by the fact no-one else in the household does. M is also a neatnick -- and how that happened, I am also at a loss to explain.

However, it seems that shopping for her without spending undue amounts of time in some distant hall of fashion is possible. I've noticed that you can, at the right sites, view purple boots with fringe -- and can see very good detail by scrubbing the cursor around the boot image. Unlike some outfits, this one seems to offer something like a plausible shopping experience. You can see how the light hits the leather, how the stitching looks -- you can actually see the product.

If only I could shop for jeans like this.

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