Friday, August 8, 2008

Apple Erases Booby Trap App

It turns out Apple's engineers aren't the only ones upsetting people over the App Store. Apple has pulled an application from the store. Called "I Am Rich", the application's only function is to display a glowing green gem. It has a price tag of $1000.

According to the article, a user who thought it was a joke and clicked the application's "buy" link, and presumably obtained the full utility of the application with neither bug nor technical incident, begged Apple in his allcaps product review to pull the app from the store.

He was one of eight buyers.

Just because it's easy to steal from fools doesn't make it good. Apple's exercise of judgment in this way may irritate Apple critics who entertain fantastic ideas about managing a platform and a user's experience, but I can think of no benefit to be had wasting bandwidth on what amounts to an electronic booby trap whose only impact will be the creation of litigation and bad press.

The sideshow: stay tuned for information on whether refunds are sought or issued, and whether Apple tries to unwind transactions like those that occurred here.

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