Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Unexpected Sanity at TSA Following Gun Plant

A man attempting to fly to Detroit with his son was surprised that TSA screeners stopped him over his 4-year-old son's stuffed animals. Three stuffed animals had been used to conceal a disassembled .40 cal handgun. After interviewing the man, the TSA reportedly concluded that the incident was the result of a domestic dispute.

Read in plain English, the TSA appear to have believed that the man, picking up his son under a visitation order, had also picked up the firearm planted on the boy to put an early end to the visitation.

Figuring out that the man didn't need to be immediately confined is something this author would previously have suspected to be beyond the capabilities of the TSA. This sentiment is, no doubt, precisely why the handgun was planted on the man by giving it (in pieces) to his son as they left for an airport.

Sometimes, surprise is good. Even in a TSA screening line.
Bad Mickey!

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