Thursday, May 17, 2012

Apple Crushes Cell Phone Market Target

Apple continues to amaze in the cellular arena. After having dramatically overshot its original objective of taking 1% of the global handset market, Apple has over the last four quarters doubled its share of the cell phone market to 7.9%.

That's not 7.9% of the global smartphone market, but 7.9% of the whole cellular market – smartphones, feature-phones, dumb cell phones, prepaid phones, etc. Of even greater interest than Microsoft's apparently headlining smartphone partner Nokia dropping from the world's leading vendor by volume (not by profit; it's lost money consistently for a while even despite Microsoft's cash injections) to the #2 slot, is that the #2 ranking is achieved with a product mix that's only 16% smartphones. By contrast, Samsung's product mix is 43.9% smartphones. Apple's is 100% smartphones. The difference in market segments addressed by each company explains how Samsung and Apple seem to be the only handset manufacturers currently making money in mobile phones.

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