Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Apple Expects Huge iOS Growth in 2012

Daring Fireball drew attention to Asymco's economic analysis of Apple's projected expenses that suggests expectation of 100% growth in iOS devices over the next fiscal year.

100% growth may sound impressive ... but apparently dropping $1B on a datacenter is designed to make Apple's products better at helping people access data than is available using Google's tools. Can Apple beat Google at its own game? Will Apple develop a revenue model based on the data access to make this kind of investment pay for itself (as Google does), or will Apple rely on hardware profits Google doesn't reap?

This is interesting stuff. Apple's acquisitions in maps, voice, search, etc. have the potential to put Apple in a much more serious collision course with Google than was initially apparent as Google began shipping a mobile device OS. Apple seems set to try to take Google's lunch money. Would you buy a ticket to see that fight?

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