Saturday, September 26, 2009

U.S. General Announces The Obvious

Gen. McChrystal announced that in the Middle East, the enemy holds the information warfare high ground. While true, it was also true last year. The interesting thing in the Washington Post announcement is the apparent "news" that "the information domain is a battlespace." Hello, Captain Obvious.

Maybe McChrystal's point is that this circumstance prevails in Afghanistan as surely as it does in other parts of the Middle Eastern theater. Maybe it's a reminder the General has decided people need. Maybe it's a plea for effective counters to the troubles lamented here (and by anyone else watching America fumble the framing of all the meaningful issues in the region).

Fascinatingly, the Washington Post article exposes that the American failure in the information war has been achieved not by ignoring the problem, but by spending hundreds of millions of dollars doing things that seem to have been grossly ineffective. Imagine that: Defense Department expenses that don't yield much for the money. Who would have guessed?

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