Monday, January 26, 2009

Strange Crime

Nigerians don't just scam others, they get scammed.  Local police have custody of a goat suspected of being a transformed wizard hiding in animal form to escape notice following a failed car theft.

What I want to know is, if he can transform into animals, why does he need to steal a car?  He can just fly, right?

The police are withholding judgment until the transformed-wizard theory can be scientifically tested.  Meanwhile, the goat remains in custody.


babycondor said...

Dear Jaded,

As usual, your penetrating analysis cuts to the heart of the matter in a refreshing fashion.

Maybe they were just looking for a "scapegoat," eh?

Jaded Consumer said...

I'm waiting to see whether they acquit the goat, convict it of sorcery, or let the goat bribe its way out of custody.

Stay tuned!