Thursday, September 18, 2008

Houston at Ike+6

Houston remains a debris field, but more people are getting power restored. Restaurants able to serve customers -- I assume these are restaurants with gas grills, ovens, and stoves -- are doing a brisk business, so brisk in fact that to handle more customers they've in some cases produced special post-storm menus with limited range, so the kitchen can focus on churning out tons of food without having to worry about what people are ordering. At Papasito's on Richmond near Kirby, you can reportedly order three drinks: beer, frozen Margaritas, and water.

Eyewitness reports show that though my home is surrounded by people with functioning electrical power, I seem to have the wrong sort of luck for absentee power restoration: my place is still dark, and the fridge is going to need evacuation. According to CenterPoint Energy, my area sustained significant damage and isn't expected to have power restored until sometime after Monday, September 22.

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