Thursday, June 26, 2008

Busch Reformulates Alcoholic Energy Drinks

After being pursued by nearly a dozen states' attorneys-general over caffeinated alcoholic beverages with names like "Tilt" and "Bud Extra" for allegedly "marketing its caffeinated alcoholic beverages to minors and misrepresenting the drinks' health benefits," Anheuser-Busch announced that after existing stocks finished selling the company "agreed not to produce, distribute or market any other alcoholic drinks containing caffeine or other stimulants."

But I ask you, would a professional purveyor of addictive toxins market such a product at under-age prospective customers? Recall that the now-defunct Joe Camel logo once enjoyed recognition among six year olds that was higher than ninety percent, and was only nearly matched by Mickey Mouse for frequency of properly matching to its brand. Whatever they were trying to do, they succeeded in growing youth smoking. With the late-1990s death of Joe Camel and the blatant "smoking is cool" message it pushed with its ads and apparel, teen tobacco use declined and has not recovered. Apparently, though, kids are suckers: kids smoke in greater proportion than adults.

From this observer's perspective: iced tea tastes better, is generally cheaper by half or more, and is usually sold with unlimited free refills -- making it both a consumer bargain and a smart move in case you have to drive home or just fight your way to the door. But let is not be said that I am against beer; I wouldn't stand between you and your beer any more than you'd want to be between me and a well-brewed iced tea with lemon and the hint of mint.

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