Monday, February 17, 2014

Snowden: Because Our National Intelligence Director Lied under Oath About It

For those of you interested in the traitor/hero debate on Snowden, the DC Clothesline has an article and interview that's been curiously absent from mainstream channels.

If the rule of law isn't respected by government even when citizens' lives are involved,
it's no surprise that it's ignored utterly when the issue is personal freedom and autonomy. The right to be informed about government is a fundamental assumption of democratic process: if you don't know what your government is really doing, how will you know whether you must vote differently?  In that regard, Snowden is plainly doing something good for democracy irrespective of whether his conduct would be prosecuted by our current administration. 

And why shouldn't the current administration use judicial process to miscarry justice? It's already lied to its own judicial overseer.  Why would it stop there?

To do what Snowden did for America, knowing what it would cost him, is a sacrifice worthy of respect.

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