Monday, August 5, 2013

Amanda Palmer Explains How To Address a Lazy and Obnoxious Press

The glorious thing about the freedom of the press in the age of the Internet is that anyone can take their story to the world.  Performing artist Amanda Palmer had choice words to say about the Daily Mail's decision to "review" her inadvertently exposed nipple after a performance at the Glastonbury Festival.  The Daily Mail said of a slipped bra that it evidenced she'd "made a boob of herself."  I don't think she'd have begrudged them their adolescent giggle if they'd also said something honest about her performance, but they couldn't be bothered to talk about the art from which she makes her living; they ignored it completely to insult and demean her with derogative commentary about her wardrobe problem.

So Amanda Palmer, wife of the celebrated author Neil Gaiman, wrote her own piece about the Daily Mail.

And she's surely right when she predicts they won't review that, either.

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