Thursday, January 17, 2013

And You Thought Putting Them Behind Bars Was Going To Change Things?

News about the IRS and news about zany crime are good enough alone, but today we offer a two-fer. Lat year, incarcerated felons talked the IRS out of tens of millions of dollars by submitting fraudulent returns claiming "refunds" were owed.

Of course my first thought was, at 8¢ an hour to mop floors and 12¢ an hour to stamp license plates, exactly how much money can the IRS be led to believe these guys are due. It's not like prisons are sending millions in withholdings to the federal government, is it? 

In defense of wardens who might be thought too lax in allowing bogus returns through their mail systems (which wardens are permitted to check), many criminals apparently used outside shills in their scams, and stolen identities.

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