Friday, July 29, 2011

And You Thought Using MSFT Products Was Bad Enough Already

You might have thought that Microsoft's customers had enough to worry about with bloatware, viruses, undocumented file formats, vendor-lock-in, unexpected network activity of word processors (for example, MS-Word opens network connections to phone about the LAN to see what license numbers other copies of MS-Word are using), and other irritations from the products themselves. New Aptiquant research suggests (as discussed on CNN) that there may be a problem with Microsoft's customers themselves: its Internet Explorer customers are reportedly also less intelligent than average.

Apparently Microsoft has had trouble getting customers to upgrade off broken and obsolete browsers it no longer supports, suggesting that there may be something to the thickness of Explorer users. Of course, with Microsoft seemingly unable to keep its own systems patched, maybe the issue is something one catches from the products ....

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