Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adobe to deliver cross-platform Flash!

After fighting with Apple over who needed whom, Adobe – after a long and drawn out battlehas created a drag-and-drop converter for developers to turn their useless-on-a-standards-based-device Flash content into something that will run anywhere HTML5 is spoken.

Th irony, of course, is that Adobe has claimed for so long that Flash is "cross-platform development software" and necessary to "browse the whole web" and that these facts were the reason everyone should just shell out for Adobe tools and deploy to Flash. Well, well. How the world turns.

The upside for Adobe is that if its tool makes high-quality HTML5, it will have a much bigger audience for its wares than were willing to sacrifice standards. The upside for everybody else will be the avoidance of Adobe's atrocious reliability and various performance and security problems and overall quality associated with Adobe's Flash player plug-in.

(Although I include it above, I repeat the link to Daring Fireball's discussion of Adobe, Apple, and Flash because it's such an outstanding summary for those of you who may not have the time to read more than one link.)

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