Saturday, September 18, 2010

China Stix Doesn't Get Iced Tea

I ducked into China Stix* for dinner for starving children and learned that thousands of years of expertise in making tea doesn't help some Chinese fast food vendors to deliver a decent experience to iced tea customers.

(1) Overbrewed and bitter.
(2) You don't get refills but have to chase them yourself, which means that if you're with children you're S.O.L.
(3) They will hear you and nod to you when you ask for a tea spoon, but after three tries with different employees you still won't get a spoon suited to stirring tea into the plastic glasses they dispense for cold drinks. You will eventually end up trying to stir your tea with a knife (see photo).
(4) You will run out of little rice-flour pancakes for your honest-to-goodness Chinese dish – like the mu shu dish you read about in the review – and when that happens, the staff will nod like when you asked for a tea spoon but will, in fact, completely ignore your pleas for help.
(5) You will leave unhappy.

It is literally more convenient to brew it yourself. Only approach if dehydrated and traveling far from home.
Grade: F.

* --> There's apparently a restaurant by this name in California, which apparently won some local awards and whose web site reflects no connection to the Houston fast-food joint. My advice to the proprietors: sue for impairment of your valuable trademark.

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