Monday, August 16, 2010

Consumer Update: Bank of America

After having spent over a week getting Bank of America to begin automatic, recurring payment of a home mortgage recently bought by Bank of America, I have an update:
Nice, eh?

I discovered this while on the phone with a customer service representative who called me in response to by scathing feedback in one of several surveys I was invited to take in response to my multiple, fruitless contacts with Bank of America to set up automatic recurring payment of the mortgage. After 14 minutes on hold, she tells me that (a) according to the mortgage department it is set up to pay the mortgage automatically every month and (b) if I will write down a host of access numbers, pin numbers, etc. I can make my next call quicker and the options offered by the automated phone system more relevant. What she says in (a) may be true, but the BS meter goes offscale on (b).

Much more of this and I'll refinance with another bank just to be rid of the bastards.

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