Thursday, May 6, 2010

DWA: Attractive

The 3D IMAX presentation of How To Train Your Dragon closed today at my nearest 3D IMAX, but the film's run upon the (merely) wide screen continues. (I saw it twice in IMAX 3D. When 3D TV becomes common, people will want to fly on a dragon in 3D and will buy this in droves.) DreamWorks – discussed earlier as a way to make money on <$20 amusementsreported at the end of April that Dragon had taken in a worldwide box office of $375m. The return of Dragon to the #1 spot on the charts the week after Kick Ass launched suggested good staying power, and I have no doubt it will do well on video once that occurs.

The DWA report was a penny ahead of expectations, but was clobbered because its lumpy revenue (it only does so many major films a year) left it with less q/q earnings. I think that as DWA matures and expands its ongoing franchise revenues, it'll continue to make good money in a market that'll only get bigger.

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