Saturday, December 5, 2009

Apple: King of PC Retail?

In addition to winning nearly half the nation's retail PC expenditure to Macs, Apple has set a high bar for unit sales with its leading models. Those who predicted the era of the iMac was over should take note: Apple took both the #1 and #3 PC sales positions by volume with two different models of iMac in October, a 21" and a 27" preconfigured offering (and on the top-end 27", there's this to say: whoah!).

While I haven't seen those exact volume estimates, I'm mostly interested in whether the high consumer interest persists. The fact that the models weren't available during the whole of October should be tempered with the understanding that the iMac was due for a refresh and that pent-up demand likely accounts for much of the sales volume. On the other hand, anyone looking at those screens and watching the machines chew through work has to appreciate what they do.

This should be an interesting holiday quarter for Apple.

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