Friday, July 10, 2009

Snow Leopard Casualties

In the move toward releasing a leaner cat, Apple has apparently cut ZFS and WebObjects from Snow Leopard.

Both likely require quite a bit of work to keep in proper, reliable, working order as other parts of the MacOS X code base changes. WO in particular would need updating as the Cocoa frameworks are tweaked in the new operating system. As the underlying layers of the system moved, Apple may have decided these technologies weren't worth the cost to move them to keep up.

Personally, I thought ZFS was a cool technology that would solve some common real-world problems facing users: redundancy, security, backup, reliability of data ... I'm interested to know whether Apple is throwing in the towel, or taking another approach. Given the extraordinary work done to make ZFS a quality product, it'd be hard to imagine Apple outdoing it with a home-grown solution -- but crazier things have been attempted ....

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