Thursday, February 26, 2009

Japan: Global Warming Theory 'Ancient Astrology'

A Japanese advisory board recently published that the manmade climate change theory currently backed by the United Nations' International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is just so much hogwash that "has been substituted for truth". Likening the theory to "ancient astrology", the Japanese panel by the vote of 3 of 5 declared the theory apparently bogus, and not subject to proof.

The Earth, which was once rather warmer than it is today, was noted by the Japanese panel not to have been continually increasing in temperature since the 1940s as predicted by the IPCC's hypothesis linking global climate change to human carbon emissions.

Between luddites fighting scientific inquiry and fakers consuming scientific funding while engaged in religious-political-lobbying endeavors (Michael Crichton has some good pieces on this sad topic, notably in a speech to the California Institute of Technology and in testimony before the United States Senate; an interview with Charlie Rose offers an overview for those who don't feel like reading), it's a miracle any science is done with public dollars at all.

Perhaps we should reconsider the terms on which we want government involved in serious policy research. Considering the track record of government in discovering facts in time to avert disasters, I'd say Congress is among the least qualified entities on the planet to allocate resources to such a purpose.

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