Tuesday, December 16, 2008

CNN Censorship Slip

As I mentioned recently, I'm working too much just now to post much. The unpublished drafts are piling up, but they need polish; I have some pride. Also having some pride this week are Parisian nude models, who are outraged at (tax motivated) government intervention against their traditional supplementation of their minimum-wage art-school jobs by accepting tips from students and instructors. CNN covered the ensuing outdoor naked protest, with the expected American-media pixelation of nipples and a little effort to film only above the waist.

Worry about inadvertently objectifying women seems to have paid off as expected, but if you want to see a highly detailed male member whose partially exposed glans peeks from its foreskin in full focus, look at the chap laying on his back next to the sitting woman wearing the blue robe.

Cold out there in Paris this time of year, isn't it?

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